Beat Saber is a rhythm based VR game where you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world.These VR games are powered by oculus rift devices.


Creed is an intense cinematic experience that features new Phantom Melee Technology for impactful VR melee combat so you can train, fight, and win. Creed is one of the best workout VR games in the market.


Cricket club is one of the most popular VR games among our users. Oculus Rift s controller acts as your bat and you will be challenged against international standard bowling in an international cricket stadium in virtual reality.


Blade and Sorcery is a built-for-VR medieval fantasy sandbox with full physics driven melee, ranged and magic combat. Become a powerful warrior, ranger or sorcerer and devastate your enemies. These VR virtual reality games make our users experience the old age sword fight.


Lone Echo is a narrative adventure game consisting of both exploration and using tools and objects to solve puzzles in a space ship under zero gravity environment.


Zero Caliber is a military FPS developed exclusively for VR. Customize your weapons on-the-fly, fight alongside your friends in Co-op (PvP coming soon!) and use your tactical skills to accomplish the mission.


Pistol Whip is an unstoppable action-rhythm FPS. Journey through a cinematic bullet hell powered by a breakneck soundtrack to become the ultimate action hero legend.


Arizona Sunshine puts you in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Handle weapons with real-life movements, freely explore a post-apocalyptic world, and put your survival skills to the test in VR


In Death is a Roguelite Shooter set in the godless afterlife. Battle through procedurally generated levels and dungeons in intense ranged combat, coupled with a unique locomotion system perfectly attuned to your fighting style.

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